Benefits of Choosing Exclusive Country Clubs in Scottsdale AZ


Scottsdale AZ is one of the places where golf is a popular sport. There are many golf players both amateurs and professionals who are either living in Scottsdale or visit the place just to play golf. This is because there are many country clubs in the area. Some are public while others are exclusive. Public golf courses allow non-members to use the golf course with a fee. Exclusive country clubs are limited to the members only. People who want to try golf often go to public golf courses. However, those who take golf seriously or has it as a regular hobby will choose exclusive country clubs. And here are the benefits they enjoy choosing exclusive Scottsdale private golf courses in Scottsdale AZ.

  1. More privacy – Since only members are allowed in the golf course, you will know most if not all of the people in the golf course. There would be no random strangers interrupting you play in the golf course. You will be sharing the golf course with people who observe proper etiquette. You can enjoy your privacy along with your friends or alone.
  1. Less crowded golf course – Members do not play every day and the total population of the members is large. Most of the time, members will go to the golf course once or twice a week. Others even visit the country club just once a month or less. There is also no strangers who will use the golf course. This means that even if many members visit the golf course during the day, it is less crowded compared to public golf course where many people visit regularly.
  1. Complete facilities – Some public golf courses only have the golf course and a rental for clubs, balls and limited number of carts. It would be difficult to secure the equipment during busy days or ask for more facilities. However, exclusive scottsdale golf club are high-end resorts. Aside from complete facilities involving golf, there are also additional facilities that the members would need to enjoy their stay.
  1. Great privileges – There are a lot of great privileges provided by exclusive country clubs that you cannot avail on public golf courses. These are gym, restaurants, hotels and exclusive attending staff. There are more privileges you can enjoy depending on the country club.
  1. Sense of belonging – Since you are a member of an exclusive club, you feel a sense of belonging when you visit the country club. The staff know you as well as the other members in the club. You will be comfortable visiting the club anytime.

With all these benefits, you should be considering becoming a member of an exclusive country club in Scottsdale AZ.


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